Jack Schroeder


Jack Schroeder joined the band in 1966  as a drummer and has been involved ever since. He is a student of the Anatowind Music Clinic as well as our current director. He has a son and daughter in law on staff as well as 3 grand children with the band.

John Schroeder


John Schroeder began marching at age 5 as a drummer he is now our percussion instructor as well as co-drill designer with his wife Carrie. He has 3 children with the band.

Carrie Schroeder


Carrie began marching in the band in 1987 as a woodwind player. She has since been our color guard instructor and is now our marching instructor and co-drill designer.

Andy Jacobson


Andy joined the band in 1990. He marched percussion/baritone/trumpet for 12 years and has been a horn instructor and field staff for 17 years.  Andy has 2 kids now marching in the band.

Meredith Jacobson


Meredith Jacobson began marching in 1996. She marched in the color guard and the drum line and has been the guard instructor for 17 years.  Along with her husband, Andy, she has 2 kids marching in the band.

Lindsey Woodbury


Lindsey joined the band in 1993. She was a marching member of the trumpet section for 10 years and has been our auxiliary percussion instructor for 17 years. She currently has 2 nephews marching in the band.

Elnoe Campbell


Elnoe began working with the band in 1976 as an assistant percussion instructor when he had 2 sons in the band. He is now our equipment manager and has 2 grandsons on staff.

Caleb Sigmund


Caleb joined the band in 2005.  He marched for 10 years as a trumpet/tuba/melophone player.  He joined the staff in 2017 as a horn tech, marching tech and assistant equipment manager.

Ethan Davies


Me play drum.  Play for many year.  Now help drum, yell sometimes. BANG BANG BANG!

Kyle Davies


Kyle joined the band in 2000 as an Alto Saxaphone player.  Through his 11 years marching he also played Barisax, Tuba, Keyboards, Bass Drum and  Drum Major. He also met his wife in the band.  He is now a Horn Tech and Field staff.  

Tamika Laws


Tamika joined the band in 2005 and marched in the color guard.  She marched for 10 years before joining the staff in 2017 as the color guard assistant and marching tech.  

Alex Schroeder


Alex Schroeder has been a member of the band since he was 6 years old. He has marched brass, woodwind, and percussion. He is currently our music composer.